​Our mission

Discover Sichuan's Cultural Abundance with US

Established in 2017, Uncharted Sichuan is committed to telling the stories of Sichuan from ancient to modern times through travels. Our tours feature the cultural aspects of this wonderful part of China by way of history, food, art and more.

How Uncharted is defined?

​Inspire with new perspectives

Uncharted to us doesn't only refer to places that have not been visited or investigated. We hope those travel with us may also be inspired by new perspectives on elements deemed as common. 

Team Uncharted

​Great storytellers make a huge difference

The shortest distance between two people is a story.  The best travel experience is to travel with people who are able to unfold the facts and stories in a way you can connect to.


Our locally-based team is made of people who proudly represent their unique identities while maintain an eagerness to share and spread.

Uncharted Differences



Insiders' Views

The hand-selected Uncharted guides give highly-inspiring and informative presentations that are considered the benchmark in the industry.



Uncharted Sichuan understands the value of being and staying authentic. All the services we provide are in strict line with what we promise.


​Service Quality

From the restaurants to our guides and vehicle. We don't compromise the quality of our service at any circumstances.



Josh was an excellent guide though it was a very rush schedule, he was able to plan a half-day tour that everyone was extremely satisfied. There were local delight elements, everyone enjoyed the hot pot Sichuan style and also the cultural element of the opera.


He was extremely helpful to our needs especially in arranging separate transport back to the hotel and taxi to the hotel. Most of all, his friendly attitude, well-spoken English and friendly disposition impressed everyone in the tour.



—Cheryl Goh

Uncharted Sichuan’s walking tour was absolutely amazing. It proved me wrong in my early assumption that it would be nothing new to me.


After the one hour tour of some streets that I had frequented over the 24 years of living here, I realized that there was so much I did not know—the historical facts, sagas, cultural significance, and some interesting folk tales. I believe that local Chinese intellectuals would find this tour quite appealing, let alone foreigners who want to dig deep into the culture of Chengdu.



—Jay Zhang




​Chengdu, Sichuan

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